Teacher Agreement, 2018-2019

Superintendent Contract

Employee Name Location Job Description
Amones, Jonathan PERRY MERIDIAN MIDDLE Athletic Dir
Ashcraft, Andrew SOUTHPORT HIGH Asst Principal
Hatcher, Kent PERRY TWP EDUC CENTR Interim Chief Financial Officer
Baker, Sharon PERRY TWP EDUC CENTR Dir Human Resources
Bender, Daniel SOUTHPORT MIDDLE Asst Principal
Boedicker, Kert PERRY MERIDIAN HIGH SCHL Principal
Bohannon, Natalie WINCHESTER VILLAGE Principal
Bohannon, Robert PERRY TWP EDUC CENTR Asst Supt of 6-12
Boone, Amy SOUTHPORT HIGH SCHOOL Asst Principal
Bostic, Arian WINCHESTER VILLAGE ELEM Asst Principal
Brewer, Sarah PERRY MERIDIAN HIGH SCHL Asst Principal
Buesking, Lauren PERRY MERIDIAN HIGH SCHL Asst Principal
Bush, Matt SOUTHPORT MIDDLE SCHOOL Title I Data Administrator
Campbell, Kim SOUTHPORT 6TH GR ACDMY Principal
Carpenter, Vickie PERRY TWP EDUC CENTR Asst Supt of Preschool &  K-5
Coleman, Erin PERRY TWP EDUC CENTR Dir Food Service
Criswell, Dustin PERRY MERIDIAN MIDDLE Assistant Principal
Deeter, Stephanie PERRY MERIDIAN MIDDLE Dir Guidance
Ervin, Zachary PERRY MERIDIAN HIGH Assistant Principal
Fierce, Julie SOUTHPORT HIGH SCHOOL Dir Guidance
Gliva, Christina JEREMIAH GRAY ELEM Asst Principal
Hansell, Lora JEREMIAH GRAY KDG ACDMY Principal
Hardesty, Darlene HENRY BURKHART Principal
Hardimon, Starlena DOUGLAS MACARTHUR ELEM Principal
Hatcher, Kent PERRY TWP EDUC CENTR Fiscal Control Officer
Heath, Jack MARY BRYAN ELEMENTARY Asst Principal
Henriott, David ROSA PARKS ELEM Principal
Hubert, Pete SOUTHPORT HIGH SCHOOL Athletic Dir
Hufnagel, Aaron HOMECROFT ELEMENTARY Asst Principal
Jewell, Nicole D. MACARTHUR KDG ACDMY Principal
Johnson, Martin COMPASS EDUCATION CENTER Assistant Director
Jovic, Kim PERRY TWP EDUC CENTR District Testing Admin
Kinartail, Tanika CLINTON YOUNG ELEMENTARY Asst Principal
Klipsch, Lucas PERRY MERIDIAN HIGH SCH Asst Principal
Knight, Brian SOUTHPORT HIGH SCHOOL Principal
Knoop, Stacy DOUGLAS MACARTHUR KDG ACAD Asst Principal
Korreck, Andrea CLINTON YOUNG ELEMENTARY Principal
Lakin, Andrea PERRY TWP EDUC CENTR Asst Dir Spec Ed
Maillet, Darla ROSA PARKS ELEMENTARY Asst Principal
Mapes, Patrick PERRY TWP EDUC CENTR Superintendent
Martino, Christy GLENNS VALLEY ELEMENTARY Asst Principal
Martzall, A.J. SOUTHPORT HIGH SCHOOL Asst Principal
Matthews, Jody HOMECROFT ELEMENTARY Principal
Miller, Brad PERRY MERIDIAN HIGH SCHL Dir Guidance
Miller, Forrest SOUTHPORT MIDDLE SCHL Dir Guidance
Moss, Cheryl SOUTHPORT MIDDLE SCHL Asst Principal
Murphy, Patrick TRANSPORTATION CENTER Dir Transportation
Norris, Louis PERRY TWP EDUC CENTR Dir Student Services
Opper, Tiffany ABRAHAM LINCOLN ELEM Asst Principal
Penniston, Jeannetta HENRY BURKHART Asst Principal
Peterson-Gibson, Bethany PERRY 6TH GRADE ACADEMY Asst Principal
Pleak, Jennifer HOMECROFT KDG ACADEMY Principal
Pollard, Jane PERRY TWP EDUC CENTR Dir Elem Ed & Title I
Prusiecki, Kristen PERRY MERIDIAN MIDDLE Asst Principal
Quinlan, Stephanie SOUTHPORT MIDDLE SCHOOL Principal
Ralston, John PERRY 6TH GRADE ACADEMY Principal
Reinhardt, Michael TRANSPORTATION CENTER Asst Dir
Reuter, Sarah PERRY MERIDIAN MIDDLE Asst Principal
Rohl, David GLENNS VALLEY ELEM Principal
Romine, Jonathan PERRY MERIDIAN MIDDLE SCH Principal
Sampson, Chris PERRY TWP EDUC CENTR Assoc Supt of Operations
Scaringe, Kyle DOUGLAS MACARTHUR ELEM Asst Principal
Schmidt, Ann PERRY TWP EDUC CENTR Dir Special Ed
Schneider, Blair ROSA PARKS KDG ACADEMY Principal
Schornick, Doug PERRY MERIDIAN HIGH Athletic Director
Schott, Kirby SERVICE CENTER Dir Facilities & Maintenance
Smith, Doug JEREMIAH GRAY ELEM Principal
Snyder, Stacey HOMECROFT KDG. ACADEMY Asst Principal
Spencer, Jeffrey SOUTHPORT ELEMENTARY Principal
Sponsel, John ABRAHAM LINCOLN ELEM Principal
Swails, Angela ROSA PARKS KDG ACADEMY Asst Principal
Walpole, David SOUTHPORT MIDDLE Asst Principal
Wiesmann, Jason SOUTHPORT 6TH GR ACADEMY Asst Principal
Wilkowski, Whitney PERRY TWP EDUC CENTR Dir Eng Learning & Prof Dev
Willey, Matt PERRY TWP EDUC CENTR Dir Technology & Media
Witkemper, Kim SOUTHPORT ELEM Asst Principal
Witt, Brian JEREMIAH GRAY KDG. ACADEMY Asst Principal
Woodke, Eric  SOUTHPORT HIGH SCHOOL Asst Principal