Posted on February 7th, 2019 in Classroom Work, Featured, News

The Reader’s Chair

C.Y. is very proud to be the host of The Reader’s Chair for the month of February!  The Reader’s Chair is a public artwork piece that travels around the state of Indiana and is used to mark the site of monthly reading events in which community members can sit and read a book of their choosing.

In 2016, Arts for Learning, Indiana’s oldest and largest provider of arts in education programs, partnered with Indiana Furniture to construct a public artwork which was revealed at the 2016 Chalkwalk in Jasper, Indiana.  The 7 foot chair was designed by artist, Emily Kennerk.  It was built and upholstered by Indiana Furniture of Jasper, Indiana.

This is a great photo of Mrs. Phelps reading to her class from the Reader’s Chair!