Student Created Video Games

Welcome to the C.Y. Game Student Created Game Center

The 2nd and 3rd Grade Classes are learning coding skills! They are using the skills they have learned to create their own version of the Flappy Bird game.  Our students have some great imaginations, and amazing programming skills! Their games are designed to work on any device with internet connection, and, If you are playing from a mobile device, you can even turn their games into an app!

Give their creations a try!

Mrs. Spencer’s Class:

Stefany’s Flappy Yellow Bird Game

Samyia’s Flappy Unicorn game

Isaac’s Flappy flappy BatGuy Game

Amiliya’s Flappy Unicorn Game

Caiden’s Flappy shark game

Santiago’s Flappy unicorn game

Eric’s Flappy unicorn game

Jonathan’s Flappy shark game

Tristan’s Flappy shark game

Miss Franklin’s Class:

Cing’s Flappy Santa Game

Darrell’s Flappy Batguy game

Iris’ Flappy unicorn game

Jocelyn’s Flappy shark game

Natalyia’s Flappy unicorn game

Kamiya’s Flappy Fish Game

Jeremy’s Flappy SuperGuy Game

Collin’s Flappy BatGuy Game

Steven’s Flappy Spaceship Game

Mariana’s Flappy BatGuy Game

Eduardo’s Flappy SuperGuy Game

Mrs. Oliver’s Class

Carter’s Flappy

Isaiah’s Flappy

Grace’s Flappy

Aryana’s Flappy

Ben’s Flappy

Christian’s Flappy

Tamyla’s Flappy

Aubry’s Flappy

Coleson’s Flappy

Bisan’s Flappy

Andreniya’s Flappy

Kayle’s Flappy

Cing’s Flappy

Mik’el’s Flappy

Itzel’s Flappy

Ariel’s Flappy

Rayelah’s Flappy

Princeton’s Flappy

Giovanni’s Flappy

Jamari’s Flappy

Miss Troutman’s Class

Irma’s Flappy

Deon’s Flappy

Alondra’s Flappy

Kailyn’s Flappy

Brayden’s Flappy

Serenity’s Flappy

Daiton’s Flappy

Charles’ Flappy

Isaiah’s Flappy

Aviare’s Flappy

Rashaud’s Flappy

Machozi’s Flappy

Dimitri’s Flappy

Estrella’s Flappy

Marco’s Flappy

Andrew’s Flappy

Ayah’s Flappy

Zeia’s Flappy

Aiden’s Flappy

Erica’s Flappy

Sabastian’s Flappy

Edward’s Flappy

Jerson’s Flappy

Alondra’s Flappy

Jayshawn’s Flappy