Volunteer Policy & Background Check


SCOPE: Volunteers who in the course of performing their service and have access to vulnerable populations, specifically minor children less than 18 years of age. This policy will cover all volunteers who volunteer on a regular basis with “ongoing contact” with students. Such volunteers consist of:

• Volunteers who are with children on a regular basis
• Tutoring/Mentoring
• Coaches
• Extracurricular sponsors
• Volunteers who chaperone overnight trips/ or are attending field trips and have sole responsibility over a group of students or any student other than their own child.

PURPOSE: To establish a pre-screening program and an ongoing evaluation process to protect the students we are attempting to serve.

POLICY: It is the policy of Perry Township Schools to promote an environment in which the students we serve do so in safety and without fear in an atmosphere of trust and respect. Perry Township Schools, therefore, requires an expanded criminal history of volunteers who will have as part of their duties access to minors under the age of 18. Volunteers must wait until after their background screening process is complete to begin their volunteer assignment. However, the volunteer must contact Perry Township Schools if there are any personal arrests or filing of criminal charges while serving as a volunteer. A volunteer MUST complete the background check through Raptor each year. Volunteers will be interviewed by Administrators, teachers and/or Human Resources when deemed appropriate. Volunteer background check authorizations are now available online at https://apps.raptortech.com/Apply/MTA2MDplbi1VUw== .

There is a $5.00 charge for the volunteer background check. The background checks usually take 5-7 days to be completed. Background checks will
be maintained in Human Resources Office. The school will maintain a list of all current volunteers.