EL Leadership

Meet your District EL Leadership team! We are here to provide a framework of support that will increase the ability of the EL staff to participate in planning, problem-solving, and decision making to better serve all their students and staff.

Whitney Wilkowski
Director of EL and Professional Development
Phone: 317-789-3782
E-mail: wwilkowski@nullperryschools.org
Lisa Netsch
EL Supervisor
Phone: 317-789-3988
E-mail: lnetsch@nullperryschools.org
Maria Montiero
EL Office Manager
Phone: 317-789-3720
E-mail: mmontiero@nullperryschools.org
Nichole Seal
District EL Coach
Phone: 317-789-3783
Email: nseal@nullperryschools.org 
Maria Deese
Parent Liaison 
Phone: 317-789-3784
Email: mdeese@nullperryschools.org
Kjack William
Parent Liaison
Phone: 317-789-3715
Email: kwilliam@nullperryschools.org
Jessica Gibbs
EL Secretary
Phone: 317-789-3716
Email: jgibbs@nullperryschools.org

Amal Osman
District Arabic-Somali Interpreter
Phone: 317-789-3731
E-mail: aosman@nullperryschools.org

Patrick Mulwale
District Swahili Interpreter
Phone: 317-789-3731
E-mail: pmulwale@nullperryschools.org