EL Leadership

Meet your District EL Leadership team! We are here to provide a framework of support that will increase the ability of the EL staff to participate in planning, problem solving and decision making to better serve all their students and staff.

Whitney Wilkowski
Director of EL and Professional Development
Phone: 317-789-3782
E-mail: wwilkowski@nullperryschools.org

Lisa Netsch
EL Supervisor
Phone: 317-789-3988
E-mail: lnetsch@nullperryschools.org

Maria Montiero
EL Office Manager
Phone: 317-789-3720
E-mail: mmontiero@nullperryschools.org

JJ Tidd
District EL Coach
Phone: 317-789-3783
E-mail: jtidd@nullperryschools.org

Nichole Seal
District EL Coach
Phone: 317-789-3783
Email: nseal@nullperryschools.org 

Maria Deese
Parent Liaison 
Phone: 317-789-3784
Email: mdeese@nullperryschools.org

Kjack William
Parent Liaison
Phone: 317-789-3715
Email: kwilliam@nullperryschools.org

Jessica Gibbs
EL Secretary
Phone: 317-789-3716
Email: jgibbs@nullperryschools.org

Amal Osman
District Arabic Interpreter
Phone: 317-789-3731
E-mail: aosman@nullperryschools.org

Garkhor Kulia
District Swahili Interpreter
Phone: 317-789-3731
E-mail: gkulia@nullperryschools.org