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Field Trips

Arabic Field Trip Permission Slip
Burmese Field Trip Permission Slip
Chin Field Trip Permission Slip
English Field Trip Permission Slip
French Field Trip Permission Slip
Spanish Field Trip Permission Slip
Swahili Field Trip Permission Slip

Movie Permission Slips

Arabic coming soon.
Burmese Permission Slip for Movies
Chin Permission Slip for Movies
English Permission Slip for Movies
Spanish Permission Slip for Movies
Permission Slip for Movies-Swahili


Arabic Program Invite
Burmese Program Invite
Chin Program Invite
English Program Invite
French Program Invite
Spanish Program Invite
Swahili Program Invite

Food Service

Arabic Food Service Letter
English Food Service Letter
Printable No Meat Sign
Food Restrictions Arabic

Dress Code

Chin Dress Code
Spanish Dress Code

District Language Disclaimers

(Before using this form,  please send all originals and the language of the disclaimer to the EL Department.  The original documents will be shared with Kjack, Maria, or an Interpreter for the language in which it was sent home. This will help in preparing to answer parent’s questions.)

Arabic Language Disclaimer
Burmese Language Disclaimer
Chin Language Disclaimer
English Language Disclaimer
Spanish Language Disclaimer
Swahili Language Disclaimer
Language Disclaimer – 6 Languages

Building Language Disclaimers

(Use the following forms to send attached to original documents. This is to be used to contact your own building Teacher(s) or Tutor/Translator(s). These are editable documents to add the name and number of your building’s contact person. Remember to share the original document with your staff to better answer parents’ questions.)

Building Arabic Language Disclaimer
For Building Burmese Language Disclaimer, contact EL Department
Building Chin Language Disclaimer
Building English Language Disclaimer
Building Spanish Language Disclaimer
Building Swahili Language Disclaimer

Office Touch Sheets 

(The EL Department would like to thank the following people for making the Office Touch Sheets possible: Hiba Al Awadh, Blanca Davila, Maria Deese, Garkhor Kulia, Sarah Laptiste, LUNA Language Services, Jessica Puii, Jessica Sung, Bawi Tial, and Kjack William)

Office help bilingual sheet English-Arabic
Office help bilingual sheet English-Burmese
Office help bilingual sheet English-Chin
Office help bilingual sheet English-Spanish
Office help bilingual sheet English-Swahili

Comcast Internet Essentials and Phone Providers

Arabic Comcast Internet Essentials
Burmese Comcast Internet Essentials
Chin Comcast Internet Essentials
English Comcast Internet Essentials
Spanish Comcast Internet Essentials
Swahili Comcast Internet Essentials


Arabic-Library Use and Book Care
Arabic-Over Due Books
Burmese-Library Use and Book Care
Burmese-Over Due Books
English-Library Use and Book Care
English-Over Due Books
Spanish-Library Use and Book Care
Spanish-Over Due Books
Swahili-Library Use and Book Care
Swahili-Over Due Books


Consent to Treat 2018-19-Arabic
Consent to Treat-2018-2019-Burmese
Consent to Treat 2018-19-Chin
Consent to Treat 2018-19 English
Consent to Treat 2018-19-Spanish
Consent to Treat 2018-19-Swahili

Change of Clothing Clinic-Arabic
Change of Clothing Clinic-Burmese
Change of Clothing Clinic-Chin
Change of Clothing Clinic-English
Change of Clothing Clinic-Spanish
Change of Clothing Clinic-Swahili

Clinic Visit-Arabic
Clinic Visit-Burmese
Clinic Visit-Chin
Clinic Visit-English
Clinic Visit-Spanish
Clinic Visit-Swahili

Attendance Letters

Arabic Coming Soon
Chin Coming Soon
English Coming Soon
Spanish Coming Soon
Swahili Coming Soon

Family Contact Information

Arabic-Family Contact Information
Burmese-Family Contact Information
Chin-Family Contact Information
English-Family Contact Information
Spanish-Family Contact Information   
Swahili-Family Contact Information

2018-19 School Calendar

2018-2019 School Year Calendar, Chin
2018-2019 School Year Calendar, Spanish

Three Tier Bus Schedule

Arabic 2018-19 Three-Tier Bus Schedule
Burmese-2018-19 Three-Tier Bus Schedule
Chin-2018-19 Three-Tier Bus Schedule
English-2018-19 Three-Tier Bus Schedule
Spanish 2018-19 Three-Tier Bus Schedule
Swahili-2018-19 Three-Tier Bus Schedule