Department History

The Department of Human Relations worked to assure the effective operation of court ordered desegregation in all the schools in the MSD of Perry Township. Our department mission was to research, nurture, facilitate and advance the academic and social growth of students focusing on the special needs of students relative to the integration process. We were to promote and strengthen the overall purpose of desegregation as related to educational, social, and personal adjustment of students, teachers, staff, and parents.

Our Vision: A district committed to fostering an environment of inclusion, knowledge, and understanding in which we learn to value diversity and respect the differences that make us uniquely the MSD of Perry Township.

Here’s a list of programs and events that were facilitated from our Perry North Oasis Outreach Office, MSD of Perry Township/Indianapolis Public Schools Collaborative Summer Day Camp, Dr.Martin Luther King, Jr. Celebration Program, Annual Family Forum, Human Relations Awards Banquet, Department of Human Relations Summer Staff Development, and Human Relations Day in Perry North.

Home School Advisors

Home School Advisors were assigned to each school. The primary goal of the Home School Advisor was to develop a system of rapport with all students, staff and parents and act as a catalyst to open communication focusing on the special needs of students relative to the integration process.

Diversity Matters

“Perry Township is a changing community. Once relatively homogeneous, today we enjoy far more racial and ethnic diversity than even a few years ago. This diversity enriches each of us and makes Perry Township a better place to raise children, a better place to learn and grow, simply a better place to live.” (Superintendent)

Human Relations Diversity initiatives were intended to:

  • Develop and/or strengthen programs and activities, which increase diversity in our schools and community.
  • Make our district environment welcoming and affirming to all.
  • Help us understand and appreciate the value of diversity.
  • Help all students succeed in our school environment.
  • Address concerns and issues related to our diverse school population.
  • Promote a greater sense of community and mutual support.

Today, the services that were provided from the Department of Human Relations are now provided through the Department of Student Services.