School Social Workers

Perry Township Schools social workers

Perry Township Schools strives to provide students and the community with support on all levels.

The school social workers work with students, parents and staff to provide contacts for all types of assistance.  From food and clothing, to lodging and different forms of care, the district social workers are there for the benefit of the students and their families.

Name Schools Served Work Phone
Shawna Abram WV / SE / HE / HKA 317-789-2713
Jorie Depalma SHS 317-789-4895
Tracey Kappel PMHS 317-789-4436
Ashley Reed AL / HB / GV 317-789-3829
Katie Riedman DM / DMKA / RP /RPKA 317-789-2918
Shannon Romine CY / MB / JG/ JGKA 317-789-2716
Brieanne Schoch SA / SM 317-789-4627
Kyle Walke PA / PM 317-789-1340