Pick-up & Drop-off

Morning Drop-off: 8:50 a.m. to 9:10 a.m.

Doors close at 9:10 – Late arrivals need to go to the front office for tardiness.

Entrance #5 and entrance #6 are to be used during morning drop-off only.

Please keep in mind these rules are for the safety of your children and to expedite the drop-off process so your children will get to class on time. We have many students who are car riders and in order to be safe and get everyone through quickly, we must all cooperate. If this system does not work for your morning or afternoon plans, please make arrangements to have your child ride the bus or consider carpooling.

In an effort to keep the line moving, children need to be ready (papers/books in backpack, coats on, etc…) to exit the car when you pull up and stop. Please realize your child may not get out near a specified door. If the line stops and your vehicle is in the middle, your child still needs to exit the car. We have staff present to direct your child and make sure they enter the building safely. Parents need to remain in the car.

  1. No child should leave their car if a Glenns Valley Staff member is not present.
  2. Children are to exit all cars near the curbside.
    • If your child has trouble getting out of the car on his/her own, please practice at home.
  3. NO child will be allowed to walk across the car rider lane.
  4. NO foot traffic will be allowed in the south parking lot!
    • Please stay in your car. You will be asked to get back in your car and get in line or travel to the North entrance for questions.
  5. If you have a conference or need to speak with someone​, please park in the north lot by the front office and sign in. No adult will be allowed to enter the school except via the front office.
  6. The North entrance is not to be used for normal morning drop off, only for conferences or questions.