Posted on March 8th, 2019 in Featured, News

Homecroft Elementary would like to invite our parents to enjoy lunch with their child and visit our book fair during the week of April 8-12. We would ask that you try to come on your designated day as it will help us with selling lunch tickets and supervision, but we understand if you need to come on a different day. Here is the schedule of days, lunches and book fair times.

April 8th-Monday-1st Grade Day-lunch-11:25-11:55; book fair-11:55-12:25

April 9th-Tuesday-2nd Grade Day-book fair-11:15-11:45lunch-11:50-12:20

April 10th-Wednesday-3rd Grade Day-book fair-12:30-1:00lunch-1:00-1:30

April 11th-Thursday-4th Grade Day-book fair-12:10-12:40; lunch-12:40-1:10

April 12th-Friday-5th Grade Day-lunch-12:10-12:40; book fair-12:45-1:25