Posted on November 1st, 2018 in News

We LOVE Birthdays

At JGE we love to recognize your child’s special day. If you would like to
send in treats on your child’s birthday, here are some guidelines and recommendations we ask that you follow:

1. Please let the classroom teacher know ahead of time if you plan to send
in treats so that he/she may plan for that in his/her daily schedule.

2. You may drop off treats at the front office. Our front office staff will deliver
those treats to the classroom. Teachers will determine when in the
day students will get those treats. Please no treats later than 2:00 pm.

3. We cannot allow parents or family members to come back to classrooms
during instructional time, but you are always welcome to come during student lunches!

4. Please make sure that all treats are store or bakery bought. Due to food
allergens, we must have prepacked items will all ingredients listed on the food label.

5. You are encouraged to contact the teacher to see if there are any students
with special dietary restrictions so that alternate treats can be arranged by the parent or the classroom teacher.

6. Any drink needs to be in prepacked containers with clear liquid . Juice boxes and and pouches work best.

Thank you once again for letting us celebrate with your child!