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We will have school pictures throughout the school day on Wednesday, August 14. Additional order forms are available in the front office.

To order online please use the following link:

School Order Code:40178YA

Dress code options for picture day:

  • Students wear normal dress code clothing.
  • Students wear normal dress code bottoms and can wear a non dress code shirt or top that has patterns, designs, or multiple colors.   The shirt must have a collar and sleeves.  Any non dress code shirt worn must be nicer than a normal dress code shirt.  No t-shirts, jerseys, etc.
  • Students may also wear ties and/or suits if they wish.
  • Girls may wear dresses of any style or color, but it must be of an appropriate length (near knee length) and shoulders must be covered.  If the dress does not have sleeves, then a sweater must be worn with the dress.