Posted on November 23rd, 2020 in Areas of Interest, Dated Posts, Featured

Perry Meridian Sixth Grade Academy would like to congratulate the November Students of the Month! These students were recognized by their teachers for demonstrating quality character and following PMA’s R.O.A.D. to Success! R.O.A.D. stands for Respecting your peers, Owning your education, Addressing adults appropriately, and Demonstrating safe behavior. Students of the month enjoyed a celebratory lunch provided by Azzip Pizza (yum), received a Student of the Month prize pack (filled with certificates, brag buttons, candy, freebies from many local businesses,and more!  A special thanks and shout out to the Dakin family for your generous donations to this program), and get special access to the top-secret virtual Student of the Month Party Room!  Way to go, Falcons! Keep up the great work by serving as a leader and role model to others!

Monthly Winners: Christopher Green, Asher Hunt, Maddox Griffith, LaMiya Porter (not pictured), Dawt That Par, Jenna Schmidt, Matthew O’Connor, Brianna Raines, Eli Sar, Revekah Mon, Lexis Walker (not pictured), Henry Sang Hlei Ceu, JOhan Sullivan, Daina Par (pictured from last month), Joshua Thang, and Reese Shewmaker.