High School, College & Career

Programs at PMA that address this Domain

  • Classroom Lessons – Counselor and teachers deliver classroom lessons throughout the year to assist students in developing social/emotional skills. Topics vary year to year based on need.
  • Career Fair – Professionals from the community come in to share the paths that led them to their career. Students rotate through stations, recording key information about post-secondary details that were needed for each job field.
  • Career Interest Inventory – Student use Indiana Career Explorer to complete the 6th grade career interest inventory and identify a few jobs that fit in the suggested career fields in their results. Students will also have the opportunity to research their resulting areas. They will develop a career plan that will be revisited at semester. Students begin a resume for a job that they researched online.
  • College Week/ Month – During College Week/Month, students learn abut types of colleges through video announcements and corresponding response sheet. Displays of teachers’ colleges and video interviews with teachers about their college choices are aired. Maps of public Indiana colleges and Did You Know? questions about teachers post-secondary achievements are placed onto café tables for discussion. Students have time to explore IndianaCareerExplorer.com to learn more about colleges. Info on college savings is sent home with parents, and students have the ability to fill out a pretend college application. Parents will receive a special edition newsletter covering topics like financial aid and how to start post-secondary plan conversations with their child. Parent night is held where parents can get information to enroll in a 529 plan, get savings plan tips, learn about the Learn More helpline, try out Drive of Your Life, and much more. Lastly, the counselor conducts 1-minute meetings to discuss future plans with all students. Possible- college student speakers, college visit
  • High School Diploma Presentation – Brad Miller, Guidance Director from Perry Meridian High School, presents information about diploma options and the importance of building a foundation beginning in the 6th grade.

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