Posted on November 20th, 2019 in Everyone, Featured

All other tickets are $5.

Performances:  Thursday, Saturday, and Monday at 7pm. 

Synopsis: When four star-crossed lovers, a merry troupe of unsophisticated clowns, and a group of meddling fairies all escape to the forest one dreamy night, misadventures and mistaken identities ensue.

Hermia loves Lysander. Demetrius loves Hermia. Helena loves Demetrius. Hermia and Helena were best friends. Oberon, the king of the fairies,  is determined to charm someone to love Helena, but his trusty henchman, Robin, mistakenly charms the wrong man.

Quince and Bottom, the clowns, along with their friends, want to put on a fabulous play for Duke Theseus’s wedding to Hippolyta, but their escapade in the woods leads to Bottom’s transformation into a donkey by Robin. As a result, Bottom is left behind by the mechanicals.

Oberon wants Titania’s servant. Titania, his queen, refuses. Oberon charms Titania, and with Puck’s “help,” Titania falls in love with a donkey.

As Oberon and Robin race about trying to sort out all of their missteps, will all the chaos be rectified by morning and find everyone living happily ever after?