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I know this is a late wish to you all, but Early College is excited about the new year and the growth it brings our program. These changes require much coordination on the part of many people in this building and at a greater level, the township.  Dr. Kevin Mowrer has spearheaded enrollment and is in the process of interviewing incoming ninth-grade Early College students and their parents.  While working on this task, he is also continually working on the documentation needed for our program to enter the accreditation process with CELL (Center for Excellence in Leadership of Learning).  This is no small task.  

Our Learning Coaches, Kim Hock, and Manda Newlin are meticulously checking the audits.  Each student has an audit that tracks courses taken, grades earned, which then helps students identify the courses they still need to take. Once the semester gets rolling, both coaches work with students in every grade level assisting where they are needed.  If you have not heard your student talk about a visit to the Learning Coaches room, ask if a visit could happen soon.  These ladies are invaluable.  One of this year’s seniors told me in December how she wished she would have sought out the help from our coaches earlier in her educational career and said it would be one piece of advice she would give all freshmen. 

This program would NOT be successful without the tireless effort of our adjunct professors who work so diligently to produce campus quality (if not better) instruction.  I wish to thank these teachers who touch the lives of students while assisting them on the path of college preparation and/or college credit acquisition. Their willingness to add this level of preparation to their already full high school course preparation makes them all rock stars!

Grade 9–   Sarah Bellinger (Study Skills/Career Planning), Nikki Knight (Biology cohort), Jen Reed (Eng 9 cohort), Zoe Newhouse (Biology I cohort), Raegan Towne (Introduction to Computer Concepts/Cyber Security)

Grade 10Alan Bundza (Art Appreciation), Stefanie Davis  (Eng 10 cohort & Speech), Judi Treat, (Lifetime Fitness/Wellness)

 Grades 11&12-  Julie Carey (Introduction to Psychology & Abnormal Psychology), Martha Cook (Composition I, Composition II & Creative Writing), Bryson Davis-Johnson (Introduction to Management), Stephen Fleenor (Plant and Animal Biology & Lab), Andrea Hagenmaier (American History I, American History II, History of the People of Japan), Jeff Lakin (College Algebra), Melissa Walsh (Music Appreciation), Eileen Weber (Composition II & Introduction to World Literature II)

Foreign Language Elise Carlson (Spanish), Jan Saylor (French – through Ivy Tech), Beatte Westerhouse (German through IU).                                                                                                                                   

The support building administration offers is also deeply appreciated.