Early College Costs

Early College families will incur three main costs, which are all subject to change.

  1. Book rentals, similar to the rest of the high school.
  2. College classes- college classes cost $50-$300 each, depending on number of credits and who
    teaches the class.

    • The majority of the classes cost $75.
    • It is cheaper for the student if the high school has a teacher on staff qualified to teach
      college classes.
    • Students on free and reduced lunch do not pay tuition costs for most classes but still must
      pay lab fees on occasion.
  3. X-Mester – tuition + books (the amount has not been set for the summer of 2017)

Total Cost of degree (excludes Chromebook and books)

  • 30 credit certificate through EC- $1,700-$2,500
  • 60 credit associates through EC (excludes X-Mester)- $2,400-$3,200

Waived Tuition

Tuition for courses taught by PMEC credentialed faculty will be waived for students participating in free or reduced lunch program. Tuition for distance education courses will be $75 per credit for all students.

Cost Comparison and Savings for All Students

  • 60 credit associates through EC (excludes X-Mester)- $2,400-$3,200
  • 60 credits through IUPUI = $17,208 + books, lodging, etc.
  • 60 credits at Purdue = $19,800, $46,000+ for total costs (room, board, books, etc.)