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APPLY: 2017-18 Freshman Class
APPLICATION: Link to application is at the bottom of this page!
Attend a PMEC recruitment meeting (October 25th @PMHS Auditorium- 6:30 pm)

  1. Review the requirements for admission.
  2. Submit an on-line student/parent application form before October 27, 2016
  3. Students take a recommendation form to English teacher, Math teacher, and teacher/administrator of choice. When the form is completed, return it to PMMS Guidance Office before November 4, 2016

Conditional freshman admission is based on a selective admissions process.


  • Student successfully passed ELA/Math ISTEP+
  • Cumulative GPA 2.5 or higher.
  • SRI 950 or higher

I understand that the Perry Meridian Early College High School:

  • only conditionally accepts new students entering 9th grade at Perry Meridian;
  • requires at least a one-year commitment and an understanding that the expectation is to graduate from the program;
  • is academically rigorous and intensive.
  • requires successful completion of all freshman courses to be granted full admission to the program;
  • requires successful placement on the ACCUPLACER exam to place into dual credit coursework.


PMEC STUDENT/PARENT APPLICATION FOR ADMISSION (required) – to be completed by the student applicant and parent.





Students and parents can use MyVU to check email, transcripts, registration, and to retrieve tax information.


To login to MyVU go to The username and password were mailed to students when they started dual credit courses. If you do not know the password you can email Please include in that email appropriate identifiers, including name, birthdate, and A# if possible. That email should be sent by students and not parents.


The email inbox is viewable on the right after you log in. This email should be checked regularly or forwarded to an account that is checked regularly. To have email forwarded to another account click on:

  • Email
  • Options
  • Auto forward

Transcript and Tax Info

Registration should be confirmed at the beginning of the semester and the grades should be checked at the end. To access the transcript, registration, and tax information click on:

  • Student
  • click here to access SSB
  • Student and Financial Aid
  • Student Records
    • Registration
    • Unofficial transcript
    • 1098-T

    Request official Vincennes transcript here.