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Class of 2020 and newly admitted students:
– Please complete the A Form and submit your completed form to Perry Meridian Early College, 401 W Meridian School Rd, Indianapolis, IN 46217 or by August 5, 2017. Please be sure to type “A Form” in the subject heading.

– You will receive a registration form in SSKL 103. The registration form is due to the instructor by the date listed on the syllabus.

Class of 2019:
– Contact your advisor.

Class of 2018:
– Contact your advisor.

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Perry Meridian Early College offers the high school graduation requirements set by the Indiana Department of Education and Perry Township. PMEC students graduate with credentials from Vincennes University and a Core 40, Core 40 with Academic Honors, or a Core 40 with Technical Honors. Prior to graduation, PMEC seniors present a culminating portfolio as part of the early college program’s graduation requirements. PMEC currently offers coursework towards a general studies associate’s degree. This degree program offers base knowledge and skills necessary to move on to achieve a bachelor’s degree.

Vincennes University

Vincennes University Certificate and Degree Requirements

Pathway Course Credits Required
Composition 3
Math 3
Speech 3
Lab Science 4
Writing 3
Social Science 3
Humanities 3
Additional 8
Statewide Transfer (STGE) Core 30 Total Credits 30
Social Science 3
L100 Electives 12
L200 Electives 15
Associate Degree Total Credits 60



College classes are available to students based on Accuplacer scores. Courses are selected based on their ability to transfer, value in associate’s degree, and availability of teachers. Course selection changes year to year based on a variety of factors.

Click here for Recommended Course Sequence Subject to change.


First-year early college students will take English 9 CP, Biology CP, Preparing for College and Careers (SSKL 103), and Computer Skills (COMP 110) together. The remainder of their schedule will be based on diploma requirements, student’s interests, and the availability of courses.


Scheduling Scenarios

Example 1: Student A is a band student who has been admitted to PMEC. This student is encouraged to free up their fall and spring schedules by taking PE and Health over the summer.

Example 2: Student B earned two credits of Spanish I in the 8th grade. This student will enroll in Spanish II in his/her freshman year.


Students will take a few college classes their sophomore year of high school. As a junior and senior they may be taking up to a full load of college classes. Class offerings are based on course availability and the transferability of classes. Student schedules are based on the individual student’s declared path (associate or STGEC) and academic progression toward high school completion. Associate degree seeking early college students typically pursue a honors high school diploma.


Vincennes University has a 2 to 2 agreement with over 250 institutions that will accept their 2 year degree for students seeking to earn a Baccalaureate Degree by attending a 4-year institution for their final two years.


Visit the Core Transfer Library to see how Vincennes credits transfer to other colleges in Indiana.



The PMEC Awards/Recognition is displayed on the EC Brag Board in the Early College area. In April or May students attending PMEC who are recognized for academic achievements.

Award categories include:

  • President’s List
  • Dean’s List
  • Student Athlete List



Students and parents can use MyVU to check email, transcripts, registration, and to retrieve tax information.


To login to MyVU go to The username and password were mailed to students when they started dual credit courses. If you do not know the password you can email Please include in that email appropriate identifiers, including name, birthdate, and A# if possible. That email should be sent by students and not parents.


The email inbox is viewable on the right after you log in. This email should be checked regularly or forwarded to an account that is checked regularly. To have email forwarded to another account click on:

  • Email
  • Options
  • Auto forward


Transcript and Tax Info

Registration should be confirmed at the beginning of the semester and the grades should be checked at the end. To access the transcript, registration, and tax information click on:

  • Student
  • click here to access SSB
  • Student and Financial Aid
  • Student Records
    • Registration
    • Unofficial transcript
    • 1098-T

Applying for another college? Request your official Vincennes transcript here.