The curriculum in Perry Township Schools is aligned with the Indiana Standards as outlined by the Indiana Department of Education. Below are the names of the various series that we use at Southport Elementary School to support that curriculum.

Language Arts

Language Arts includes reading, spelling, grammar, writing, listening and speaking skills. The McGraw Hill Wonders Series provides the material used throughout the Language Arts curriculum. In addition, these are supplemented with library and trade books.

The Southport Elementary school-wide program emphasizes Reading Counts books and comprehension tests. Specific target goals are set per grade level and students are encouraged to meet the goals for both semesters. Awards are given to those who reach their goals per semester. The Young Hoosier Book list is included as a part of our Reading Counts program.


All students in grades 1-5 use the Everyday Mathematics program from the University of Chicago School Math Project, and published by McGraw Hill 2015.

This program teaches three levels of skills:

  • Beginning – exposure
  • Developing – students show some understanding but may not be able to apply or write the skill
  • Secure – expect mastery

Mastery of skills occurs from repeated exposure over 2-3 years. Whole and small group instruction, questioning, dialogue, cooperative learning, and games are important components of this program.


Our science curriculum is from Carolina Science. The “Building Blocks of Science” curriculum uses the learning cycle – Think, Predict,Explore, Magnify to build on previous learning.

Social Studies

For Social Studies we are  using the Pearson myWorld Social Studies series©2016. This series incorporates the Backward Design process by asking an “Essential Question” first, with the goal of focusing on the desired understanding that students should acquire, not superficial knowledge.  Students explore concepts, build knowledge, and transfer what they’ve learned beyond the classroom.


Our technology standards have been established by Perry Township based on The International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) standards. Technology instruction is given  to every classroom at Southport Elementary where students learn important skills related to publishing, keyboarding, and using the Internet and Microsoft Office.


General music education in K-5 follows the Indiana Music Standards. Our focus is on singing, playing, reading, notating, interpreting, listening to, analyzing and describing music. Our current textbooks are Making Music published by Silver-Burdett and Spotlight On Music published by Macmillan/McGraw-Hill.

Physical Education

Our physical Education curriculum follows the Indiana Standards as well. The goal of the curriculum is to develop individuals who are proficient at movement and who can use physical activity to:

  • Maintain or develop fitness
  • Develop skills for sport and recreation
  • Use Movement for self-expression, enjoyment,challenge and social interaction