Posted on September 21st, 2020 in Featured

Starting next week, Monday, September 21, all of Southport High School students are expected to log on to our school’s website to complete a simple attendance question before 10:00 am every day that they are not expected to attend school physically. Students can access the link to the attendance question by clicking on “Attendance” on the top banner of the SHS Website. (

This means for the three remote learning days of the week for our hybrid learners, and every day for our full-time virtual learners. Students who do not log in by 10:00 am to answer that question will be marked unexcused. Parents will receive a call from school around noon if their student did not complete the attendance question.

This will better inform you about your student’s active participation in school that day and help us work together to help your child build the skill of being accountable and responsible. Our school will begin making calls to parents on September 28.