Posted on October 8th, 2020 in Featured

We wanted to send out a couple of announcements and reminders:

1. The 9 weeks grades will be pulled from Skyward this Sunday (10/11) at midnight. These grades are posted on the mid-term report cards. In high school, the 9-week grade is a progress check whereas semester grades are what count for credits, GPAs, and transcripts. These grades are a good indication of how things are going, if the grade is an A or B — keep doing what you are doing! If the grade is a C or below, it is a great time to reevaluate what is working and what is not working to earn the best grade possible at the semester.

2. Since the first nine weeks have been challenging for students, we will continue to accept work from the first quarter until the END of Fall Break. Work turned in over Fall Break will be graded and count towards the student’s overall semester grade. After Fall Break, teachers will limit work that is accepted from the first nine weeks. We want to give students a chance to catch up on missing work and to be able to solely focus on the second quarter when we return from break. Please realize that teachers will NOT be available for academic support over Fall Break. If a student needs information from a teacher to complete any missing assignments, they need to reach out to the teacher for clarification or support before the end of this week.

3. During the next nine weeks, teachers may become more stringent with due dates for assignments so it’s important for students to stay on top of their weekly assignments. If students are struggling with organization, we hope Fall Break provides some time to get caught up and develop a plan to stay organized going forward. We put together some resources that were shared last week about tips and structures for staying organized as a hybrid or virtual learner: Resources Link: Student Time Management and Organizational Resource Document.