Vision Statement

School Counseling Program Vision Statement

We believe that all students deserve:
We believe all students deserve individualized attention in a safe learning environment where high expectations are established and students are supported to achieve at the utmost level. We believe that all students deserve a rigorous curriculum, engaging instruction and extra help as needed in order to progress along the pathway to their personal, educational and career goals that are aligned with the students’ individual developmental needs. We believe students deserve to learn in an environment where they are culturally accepted and empowered to become independent thinkers and leaders in our community and world. All students deserve sound educational and career guidance so that they can develop meaningful educational and career goals. In addition, we believe all students deserve a school environment where they have the ability to express their concerns to qualified, caring adults that serve as an advocate for all students. We recognize and adhere to the ASCA (American School Counselor Association) ethical standards in order to maintain high standards of integrity, leadership and professionalism in our program for students, parents, staff and community members.

In our ideal school and community, ideal adult practices include:
In our school and community where adults are involved in the lives and education of students, we believe all adults should maintain high levels of expectations for our students and have a comprehensive knowledge of school resources that enables and fosters a proactive approach on the focus of prevention as opposed to reaction. The adults and community should work together to support students academically, socially and in the workforce. They will continue to maintain a positive mindset in which they are open to the continual changes and differences of our culture and society. They will continually motivate and empower students to be culturally accepting of each other’s differences. Adults will also be actively engaged in our community to demonstrate the importance of being positive role models in today’s society. Using available student and school data, counselors, staff and community members will analyze and evaluate the data annually to drive and implement change for the enrichment of all students.

In our ideal school, ideal students choose to:
In our school and community, students are expected to maintain a level of personal responsibility in coming to school with a positive attitude that reflects a curiosity for learning and personal growth. Each student should come to school motivated and prepared to learn in a manner in which they are striving to reach personal goals that they have established through exploration of their own academic and career interests. Every student will develop a career goal and a postsecondary education goal that compliments his/her interests and aptitudes as determined through career exploration activities, including career interest inventories, annually. Each student creates a four-year high school graduation plan that includes rigorous courses that will prepare the student for success and post-secondary education in a global economy. Students will maintain a concrete vision and connection for how their success at the high school level can impact their future endeavors.

In our ideal school, the student achievement levels are at these rates:
% of students who pass the English graduation exam before graduation: 100%
% of students who pass the math graduation exam before graduation: 100%
% of students who receive a 3 or better on an AP exam(s): 100%
% of students who enroll in an AP/DC class before graduation: 100%
% of students who graduate with a Core 40 or better diploma: 100%