College Information

Information on requirements for Indiana Colleges can also be found at:

Typical elements on the application include:

  1.  basic identifying information
  2. SAT-I/ACT testing results
  3. senior course load
  4.  a transcript with counselor verification, and application deadline.
  5. In addition, some schools require a description of extra-curriculars, an essay, recommendations and sometimes even an interview (although usually this is for a “direct admit” into a competitive program.)

Not adhering to a particular school’s application procedures WILL exclude you from consideration. READ ALL DIRECTIONS!


How does one obtain an application?

(1) Apply online. In most cases it is www. (name of school).edu – you can also go
(2) Visit a college representative when they are here. There are lots of representatives scheduled to be here Sept/Oct/Nov during lunch.

How many colleges should I apply to?

The rule of thumb is 4—8 colleges;
One or two ‘safety’ or ‘fall back’ schools
Two to four schools you have a good chance of getting into. And if affordable…One or two ‘dream’ or ‘reach’ schools.

How will I know if I have been accepted?

A formal letter will be mailed directly from undergraduate admissions indicating acceptance, Majority of schools now use your email address you apply with, so check your email often.

Indiana College Websites

College Information Resources – Indiana Career and Post-Secondary Advancement Center – college, career, apprenticeship and financial aid info – college profiles, scholarship and financial aid info – EVERYTHING!! –step-by-step guide to the college process– a data driven website to help predict your chances of getting into your college