College Applications


  • Complete the online application.
  • If a counselor page or letter of recommendation is required, give information to your counselor at least 10 days prior to the deadline.
  • Meet the deadline for submission!!!!!
  • If the application requires recommendation letter/letters, include them with your application.
  • You may qualify for an application fee waiver. Check with your counselor.
  • Request your official high school transcript through

College Application Worksheet

Need help getting organized with your college applications??  Get organized by using the College Application Worksheet.

College Terms

Early decision: Students apply to their first choice for college, usually in the fall of their senior year. If admitted, they MUST commit to enrolling. The student may have only one early decision application pending at one time although may apply to others for regular decision. If offered admission, the student must withdraw applications to all other institutions.

Early action: Students apply and receive an admission decision earlier than normal but are NOT required to commit until the regular deadline of May 1. Institutions using an early action plan may not place restrictions on the number or type of other applications filed by the student.

Regular decision: Students submit an application by a specific date and receive a decision by no later than April 15. The student may apply to other colleges without restriction and reply to admissions offers by May 1.

Rolling admission: Students may apply at any time. The institution reviews applications as they are received and renders a decision in a timely manner. The student may apply to other colleges without restriction.

Wait list/Deferred list: An admission tool designed to protect an institution against shortfalls in enrollment. By placing a student on the wait list, an institution does not initially offer or deny admissions. It extends to a candidate the possibility of admission in the future.

College Application Hints and Suggestions


  1. Most schools have made their applications available online and actually prefer this method of applying.
  2. Some schools will not charge an application fee if you apply online while others will not charge if you apply before a certain date (e.g. Butler free-online; Bellarmine free-if apply before Nov. 1).
  3. However, most schools do charge anywhere from $30 to $100. Some allow for payment by check but most require credit card payment at the time of a online submittal.  Application fees are processing fees for the service being provided to you. Application fees are non-refundable even if the decision is not favorable.
  4. Some schools will allow you to fill out their application on site and then submit it.
  5. Some schools will allow you to complete the application over a variety of sessions while with others its all one shot.
  6.  Some schools will provide a variety of options: online submittal; download a PDF file; a fill-in PDF file that is downloadable.
  7. Some schools also allow you to submit supplemental information electronically (if this is allowed I HIGHLY recommend you do so).

Applying online is quick and simple – however caution needs to be exercised

  1. READ all instructions PRIOR to starting to fill out an application.
  2. Download all supplemental forms (e.g. the counselor’s recommendation or secondary school report are a MUST).


  • Consider preparing a RESUME of your activities during high school. Include school-related extracurricular activities, nonschool related activities, list of academic honors, civic awards received, etc… this can be used for MOST of your applications.
  • If completing the application by hand—PRINT NEATLY or TYPE your application. NEVER submit an application in pencil! (this is also the case for scholarship applications).
  • SUBMIT recommendation request to teachers with stamped, pre-addressed envelopes.
  • If you apply on-line, remember to submit a written request to the Guidance Office for a transcript to the applied school. Most schools will have you download a form (Counselor Recommendation Form, Counselor Statement page, Secondary Report)

A WORD OF ADVICE from one experienced admission officer…

  1. Filling out any college application can require a good deal of work. Take your time and allow enough time to complete it neatly. Give special attention to the particular questions that we ask. Certainly, if an essay is required it will call for the most effort, requiring forethought and planning.
  2.  Applicants are well advised to carefully complete all areas of the application, even the seemingly small questions can make a difference.
  3. If the admission committee sees one very polished, well-written, grammatically correct application/essay surrounded by other responses that contain misspellings and careless writing, then, obviously, this lack of consistency will affect our impression of the candidate.
  4. For the essay, students should select the topic they like best and remember to observe the word limitation. A one-sentence description of a student’s essay topic should be clear and easy for others to understand.
  5. Counselors, if you have an opportunity to talk to your students, emphasize that they should not start writing until they have a clear central idea and a good topic sentence!
  6. Never submit a college essay without first having it read by an adult (I would be happy to proof for you) and possibly by an English teacher.