Social Situations

How to get help with social situations!!

Top Ten Ways to Be a Friend!!!

Get comfortable with the people who sit near you. In your classroom, you may have people who sit by you, or next to you. Well, try to get comfortable with them! Listen to
what they say. You know, when they make a joke, try to laugh!

Watch who will talk to you. When one of your classmates asks you a question, (ex: What page do we do?”) answer in a nice way

Look for someone who would want to be friends with you. Ask about their interests and other stuff like that!.

Accept invites. When people are inviting you to sit with them in lunch or any kind of stuff like that, then accept their invitation and go hang out. TRY making small talk with this person.

Always look approachable. Look approachable, and look friendly!
Try making small talk with people. Try making small talk with the people who sit near you! Say “hi” to the people you know very well, and compliment on them! But be honest.

Be a good listener. Being a good listener helps you relate better to other people, wins their confidence, and helps you be a better friend. It also shows that you’re not self-centered.

Start saying “Hi” to people you know who walk by youBe nice. Give some of your food to people in lunch that don’t have any lunches at all.

Join some clubs and activities. A new group of classmates offers great opportunities to explore some new interests. Try out for a school play or sports team, join the yearbook committee or try attending a few school-sponsored volunteer activities through groups such as Key Club.

Be sensitive to others’ strengths, weaknesses, and needs. Don’t make friends by picking on other people’s flaws: It will most likely come back to haunt you. It’s more helpful to focus on what other people are good at and find ways you can help balance out their weaker areas.