Requirements for NCAA athletes is ever changing……  Any student who plans to play sports in college should visit the NCAA Eligibility Center to sign up and begin the required academic verification process. Visit  to get started. It is recommended that NCAA eligibility registration is initiated by the summer prior to senior year.  Please talk to your coach or counselor if you have further questions.

________________________________________________________ – register with the NCAA eligibility center – Find out where you stand with your academic NCAA Eligibility (core course GPA calculator)

(School ID: 151752 & School Code: 742209977)

Helpful links to guide you through the prospective student-athlete process::

NCAA Initial Eligibility Presentation – a complete look into the NCAA eligibility process

Initial-Eligibility Resource Index – initial-eligibility brochure, Division I & II quick reference guides, video presentation for students and parents, and more

Division I Fact Sheet

Division II Fact Sheet

Eligibility Process for Students – an overview of the eligibility process by grade 9 – 12

NCAA Resource – Role of the Student (at each grade level)