National Honor Society

National Honor Society

Southport High School Local Chapter ByLaws

I. Selection Requirements

The Southport High School Faculty Council has adopted the following criteria for membership in the Southport Chapter of the National Honor Society.

Scholarship: Grade Point Average: 3.600 (revised 1/12/17) or above at the end of the first semester of junior or senior year. Applications will be sent to eligible students shortly after the beginning of the second semester.

Character: Personal Assessment Evaluations submitted by staff (based on a 1-5 scale):

Average of 4.000 or above

Leadership and Service: The candidate

Has held or holds active membership in clubs, organizations, sports, or other extra-curricular activities.

Participates in community-related services.

Not only successfully holds school offices or positions of responsibility but also displays leadership qualities commensurate with the position held.

Demonstrates reliability and dependability.

Displays leadership qualities in the classroom, the school, or in community activities.

Inspires positive behavior in others as a leader or as a member.

Exemplifies positive attitudes.

Membership is an honor bestowed upon a select group of students who meet the required criteria. The SHS Faculty Council, on behalf of the administration and the school faculty, makes final approval of the candidates for membership.

B. Appeals Process

Students may appeal non-selection within 2 schools days of receiving notice of their non-selection. Students must submit a letter of intent to appeal in writing to one of the advisers within 2 school days. The adviser will arrange an appeal hearing with the faculty council. After the hearing, the faculty council will vote to either uphold or reverse their original selection decision.

II. Membership

A. Service

Students admitted to NHS during the spring of their junior year are required to participate in a minimum of 8 service projects during their senior year. Seven of the service projects will be with the NHS group and one of the projects will be an individual service project.

B. Dismissal

Students admitted to NHS during the spring of their junior year whose GPA falls below a 3.6 will enter a probationary period that may result in dismissal. Cumulative GPAs will be reviewed in the fall of their senior year. Advisers will work with students who are not meeting the either the GPA or service requirements and give them an action plan in writing to improve their grades or complete service projects. The action plan will include a timeline. After a follow-up, if students are not compliant with their action plan, the advisers may contact the faculty council to consider dismissal. If the faculty council chooses to pursue dismissal, the student will receive a notice in writing and may choose to either resign from NHS or schedule a due process hearing. The student must submit their choice in writing to one of the advisers. If the student chooses a hearing, the advisers will schedule a hearing with the council.