New Enrollments

To Enrolling Parent or Guardian,

Please be advised that your student is not officially enrolled at Southport High School until the counselor contacts you.  Acceptance of the enrollment folder by the Guidance office does not automatically enroll your student at Southport High School.  The enrollment process is pending until all school academic records, immunizations, proof of residency documents, and any other required enrollment paperwork has been received and verified.  Thank you for your cooperation and understanding in the enrollment of your student.

Checklist for Enrollment

*Withdrawal papers from the previous school

*Transcript copy
(history of credits earned)                                                               

*Shot records

*Birth Certificate

*Social security number

*Proof of residency (examples: utility bill / utility service order, or
closing/purchase document on home).
Lease document cannot be accepted.

*Parent or Court Appointed Legal Guardian must provide state photo ID.


 *Does the student enrolling live in the SHS district?

 *Who has custody / legal guardianship of student?  Custody /
guardianship docs must be provided.

 *Any special circumstances such as: expulsion, special ed. (IEP needed), or honors programs?

FAX: 317-789-4970

Thank you for your consideration,

SHS Guidance Department