Student Services

Important Forms:

SMS Student Council Membership Application Form

Request To See A Counselor Form

Enrollment Form 2020

Race Ethnicity Survey


  • enrolling students
  • withdrawing students
  • maintaining student records
  • short-term personal counseling for students
  • coordinating career education
  • overseeing group counseling
  • facilitating the monitoring of student progress
  • mediation of student conflict
  • 21st Century Scholars enrollment
  • arranging parent/teacher conferences
  • organizing pastoral counseling
  • creating the master schedule of classes
  • Coordinating special services (ELL,
  • special education referrals, IDEA program, etc.)

Crisis Numbers:

STD Hotline: 1-800-227-8922
Alateen (alcohol): 357-9607
Teen Link (any kind of problem): 255-8336
Narcotics Anonymous: 875-5459
Suicide Hotline: 251-7575
Crisis Pregnancy Center: 359-1600
Child Protective Services: 968-4379
Link to resources for young people
Relationship Violence Help – That’s Not Cool
Relationship Violence Help – Break the Cycle
Relationship Violence Help – Love is Respect
Relationship Violence hotline: 1-866-331-9474

Career Exploration Links

Interest Inventories

Specific Careers