Positive Paws Program

Students and Families of Winchester Village:

In 2016 I started a new program called “Positive Paws” for our students. A teacher or staff member can send me the name of student they caught going above and beyond the call of duty for our school. That student will receive recognition and a pencil from me, a phone call home to parents and their name on our Positive Paws wall on the IMC window for everyone to see.

Mrs. Bohannon


 AUGUST 12  Jaylen Hughes and Jazmyn Collins
 AUGUST 23  Lia Anders and Jorge Lomeli
 AUGUST 30  Kaleasi Flores, Ashlynn Shepherd, Evelin Cielo and Allison Soto
 SEPTEMBER 06  Dim Lun, Daniel Lian and Angela Par
 SEPTEMBER 13  Ja San Mai and Sarah Lalrindiki
 SEPTEMBER 20  Vung Cing and Delilah Brito
 OCTOBER 04  Keyon Smith and Mark Holland
 OCTOBER 21  Gianni Ardison
 NOVEMBER 15  Nghai Lun
 NOVEMBER 22  Bethsyba Biak Tin Mawi and Yanuel Bautista
 DECEMBER 13  Betsy Sui and Issac Peng
 DECEMBER 19  Seven Milton
 JANUARY 10  Rebecca Sung
 JANUARY 24  2nd Grade Combo: Hannah Hnem, Moren Par, Monserrat Perez, Cungtha Thawng, Anthony Tierra Blanca, Daniel Lian, Yasmin Par, Khai Tung, Conner Swigert, Areej Alhussein, Vielkka Cabura, Kailyn Harris, Briana Macedo-Aguilara, Abigail Thomas, Le’Vion Whitlow-Davis, Michal Cung, Maria Lemeli, Marley Perez-Vasquez, Nadia Sanchez, and Irvin Tieco
 JANUARY 31  Jackson Dahn and I’bri Beck
 FEBRUARY 07  Nancy Kuhn and Venus Par
 FEBRUARY 14  Betsy Tha Tin Sui and Bethsyba Biak Tin Mawi
 FEBRUARY 21  Grace Par