Positive Paws Program

Students and Families of Winchester Village:

In 2016 I started a new program called “Positive Paws” for our students. A teacher or staff member can send me the name of student they caught going above and beyond the call of duty for our school. That student will receive recognition and a pencil from me, a phone call home to parents and their name on our Positive Paws wall on the IMC window for everyone to see.

Mrs. Bohannon


August 10 LaRon Clay, Peyton Higdon and Caylee Skaggs
August 24 Julius Cummings, Jackson Ditchley, Jamiah Elicke, Payton Hine,
Haylee McFarland, Ester Sui and Naomi Sui
August 31 Daniel Alba-Soriano, Vielkka Cabrera, Sarah Cer, Zavorris Hatchett,
Victor Sanga, Desiree Shufford, Emmanuel Sung and Sui Tial
September 7 Aaron Jones
September 14 Jalen Cummings, Partha Hlawnsung, Daniel Han, Aaron Jones, Maria Lomeli, Rylan McAfee, the entire 4th grade students who attended the Conner Prairie field trip
September 21 Iris Cer, Ave’ Collins, Zavorris Hatchett, Zing Len, Eduardo Loza-Barraza, Marcos Moran, David Sanga and Ashlynn Shepherd
October 5 Ashlynn Shepherd, Kassim Yankho and Mrs. Jaffe’s 4th grade class
October 26 Betty Sung
November 2 Shwe Li Khain, Jaylin Martinez-Hernandez, Van Sui Par, Henri Thawng, Suingun Tial and Shayla Wessel
February 22 Ave’ Collins, Karla Loza-Barroza, Grace Par, Lyla Riddle and Shayla Wessel
March 1 Merry Mawi