Computer Websites for Kids

We recommend these websites and games but are not in control of content found on the websites themselves. It is important that parents monitor games their children play on the Internet. We utilize these websites to reinforce academic skills they learn at school.


Math Nook
100 Number Chart
100 Number Grid Fireworks
Word Problems Add & Subtract With 10
Word Problems Add to 10
Math Marbles Addition
Base 10 Bingo
Base Ten Blocks
Base Ten Fun
Birthday Candle Counting
Number Value Jr.
School Time Math Games
Math Man Addition
Minus Mission
Alien Addition
Zogs and Monsters
Math Monster Addition
Math Monster Subtraction
Number Invaders
Space Racer Multiplication
Meteor Multiplication
Math Monster Multiplication
Fraction Frenzy
Money Workshop
Fraction Frenzy
Treefrog Treasure
Feed Me Fractions
Treasure Hunt-Latitude and Longitude
Chef Solus
Making Change

Language Arts

ABC Watermelon
Abby’s Sandbox Search
Alphabet Soup
Alphabet Bears
Alpha Pig’s Lickety Letter Bingo
Sassy Seals
Kangaroo Confusion
Alien Scavenger Hunt
Alien Scavenger Hunt Space Trash
Alpha Pig’s Alpha Bricks
Wonder Red Concentration Game
Super Grover In the Nick of Rhyme
Spelling City
Shape Poems
ISpy Bingo
I Spy Puzzle


Outerspace Fleet Commander!
Type Travel
Nitro Type

Social Studies

States and Capitals Games
US Map Puzzles
Penguin Hop States and Capitals
Capital Catch
Venture Capital
Penguin Hop Capitals

Digital Safety


Code Breaking

Code Breaking

Computer Science