About Jordan

Jordan graduated from Perry Meridian High School in 2019. He is currently studying neurobiology at Harvard University. He stated, “At Perry Township they use the motto that we grow kids and that’s definitely rung true in my case. I’ve been equipped with certain skills and capabilities and insights that I wouldn’t have gained in any other setting and it’s because of my background and how I’ve been educated in Perry Township that I’ve been able to go on and succeed so far and excel so much and continue to learn.”

Where Are They Now?

Jordan lived in Tokyo, Japan during the summer of 2023 and worked as a neurobiology intern at the RIKEN Center for Brain Science, making discoveries about the connection between maternal immune activation and schizophrenia. In November 2023 his research paper, “Authorship Patterns in the Orthopaedic Journals of Low and Low-Middle Income Countries” was published in the Journal for Bone and Joint Surgery (JBJS). Jordan is currently applying for MD-PhD programs to become a physician-scientist. He hopes to treat patients in the clinic and work in the laboratory setting to understand the biological mechanisms of strokes.