12 Days of Preschool

Did you love our Virtual Family Engagement Event?

Then you will love this all in one spot where you can access the videos forever. Just click the links below to head over to the Youtube videos for each activity.

A Day in the Life of a PTEC Preschooler: https://youtu.be/l09XTnBNlnY

Day 1: Grow the Grinch’s heart 3 sizes with this volcano-ish activity with Mrs. Mitchell and Mrs. Hoffman! You only need 2 simple ingredients: baking soda and vinegar to do this activity at home. We took this common activity and tied it to a favorite holiday book: The Grinch by adding a balloon to the top of a water bottle. Remember, these materials will be coming home with your student TODAY! You can read the Grinch, watch this video, and have some fun!
Please post pictures of YOUR family doing this activity! We can’t wait to see!


Day 2: 5 Little Christmas Trees craft and song by Mrs. Grossman 


Day 3: Memory Game by Mrs. Shields 


Day 4: Gingerbread Play doh with Mrs. Lindgren We will be making gingerbread play-doh using simple at home ingredients. Play-doh is a great way to strengthen your child’s hands and core which will help them in their handwriting and other activities.


Day 5: Build a Cup Tree and Decorate with Counting Stickers by Mrs. Wagner 1. Stack the cups 3,2,1 2. Roll the die and put the number of stickers on the cups 3. Repeat rolling the die until all the stickers are gone 4. Take a picture and sent it to your teacher


Day 6: Pipe Cleaner Snowflakes by Mrs. Funke


Day 7: Build a tambourine and decorate with stickers by Mrs. Simmons In my family, our holiday celebrations are loud, happy and filled with music. This paper plate tambourine is an easy way to introduce your child to making musical instruments and exploring sound. You only need two paper plates, glue, popcorn and stickers to decorate. These materials are coming home with your child today, but you can always change it and make it your own way. Please post pictures of your family doing this activity! We’d love to see them!


Day 8: Paper Wreath by Mrs. Henry We are going to be making a paper wreath. You will need your glue stick, scissors, green construction paper, and red pom poms.To start, fold your paper in half lengthwise (hot dog style). On the open side (away from the fold) draw a line across the top, about a half inch down. Have your child cut from the fold to the line all the way across the paper, leaving about an inch of space between. (Do not cross the line or cut all the way through). After cutting, curl the paper into a tube shape and glue it shut. Wrap your tube in a circle and glue together. When you have your wreath shape, you can decorate with your pom poms! If you want, you could color your green paper before you cut. Then add stickers or any other decorations you have at your house. 


Day 9: Straw bracelets by Mrs. Green 


Day 10: Sensory writing tray by Mrs. Hauber Have some snowy fun with Mrs. Hauber while working on writing and fine motor skills.


Day 11: Collage Art by Ms. Dean Have fun creating collage art. You can create whatever you would like. I gave you a snowman and Christmas tree to get you started and your imagination can guide you after that. Watch the video to learn about other materials you may already have at home to create art and some tips on how to talk with each other about art. Helpful materials to have to get started will be scissors and crayons. Hope you have fun creating!


Day 12: Read Aloud “Snowmen at Night” by Mrs. Vargas Grab your book, snuggle up with your family and enjoy “Snowmen at Night” read to you by Mrs. Vargas. Happy Holidays!