A Day in the Life

A Day In the Life of a Preschooler at Perry Preschool

6:30-7:45 Before care in the gym (if necessary)

Some students are dropped off by their parents in the gym to before care. This service is free to all student of Perry Preschool. Breakfast is also offered during before care – for a fee.

8-8:10 Morning Car line

Our school is split in two different car lines. Depending on who your teacher is decides which side of the building you will join for car line. Parents will join the car line anytime between 8 and 8:10. At 8 am the teachers will come outside and get the students from the cars. Parents are asked to stay inside their car during car line.

8:15-8:45 Morning circle time

During circle time the students will begin our day with the Conscious Discipline Brain Smart Start! We start with a uniting activity (like the pledge or a song), then we disengage stress by using different breathing techniques, then we connect with each other (we sing a “Wish You Well” song for our friends that are absent), and last we make a commitment (something like, “I commit to keeping my hands to myself today”).

After we get ourselves ready to learn we LEARN! Mrs. Mitchell always prepares something interesting for us to learn. We might play a game or read a book – or BOTH!

8:45-9:45 Independent work time

During independent work time the students have free choice of the room. They are able to make “work choices” based on what they are interested in. They might pick a puzzle, paint at the easel, use scissors to cut thin pieces of paper, or invite a friend to the dramatic play area.

Students are able to use the restroom freely during this time.

Students are also able to eat snack during this time.

9:50 Restroom break 

 The class will go together to the restroom.

10-11 Morning recess

The class will go either to the gym or outside to 1 of our 2 playgrounds. During this time the students have free play and are encouraged to interact with classmates and students from other classrooms. During this time teachers and assistants facilitate positive interactions with each other. Teacher and assistants also help during resolve conflicts.

11:30-12 Lunch

Students each lunch in their classroom. They can either order a school lunch or pack a lunch from home.

12-2 Nap

Students lay down on their cots from 12-2 pm every day. During this time students are asked to be quiet and still on their cots.

2-3 Afternoon recess

Afternoon recess is just like morning recess. Depending on the weather students will either go to the gym or outside to 1 of the 2 playgrounds.

3 Afternoon snack

Afternoon snack is provided by the school. It is typically fresh fruit, cheese, or yogurt.

3:15-3:45 Afternoon teamwork time

During afternoon work time in Mrs. Mitchell’s classroom students get out their rugs to work, but are encouraged to work together with a partner on an activity.

3:55 Pack up

Each student has a locker, and at the end of the day students get all their belongings and pack them up to take them home. Teachers and assistants work with students to increase their independence by teaching them how to button/zip their own coats. Nap items come home every Friday to be washed and returned on Monday.

4-4:15 Afternoon Car line

Similar to morning car line parents pull up to the side of the building and wait. Teachers will bring their students to their car and put them in the backseat. Teachers do not buckle car seats. If your child needs help buckling into their car seat we ask that you pull up so that our car line can continue to flow.

4:15-5:30 After Care (if necessary)

Students that aren’t picked up in afternoon car line are taken to the gym for after care. They can be picked up before 5:30 for no charge. Late pickups will be charged.




(Mrs. Mitchell’s sample schedule)