2021-2022 Enrollment

It’s that time of year again!

Applications will be accepted starting January 4, 2021

Spanish-Registration Early Childhood Academy 2021

Arabic-Registration Early Childhood Academy 2021

Swahili-Registration Early Childhood Academy 2021

Chin-Registration Early Childhood Academy 2021

Burmese-Registration Early Childhood Academy 2021

You can view/print your registration packet right here: 2021-2022 Registration Packet

Please print/fill out and mail to: PTEC Preschool 6548 Orinoco Ave. Indianapolis IN 46227

To register your child for preschool you will need:

  1. Completely finished 2021-2022 Registration Packet
  2. $75 registration fee (due at time of registration)
  3. $35 cooking fee
  4. Print, fill out, and return 2021-2022 Home Language Survey
  5. Print, fill out, and return 2021-2022 Race Ethnicity Survey
  6. Print, fill out, and returnĀ School Readiness Parent Agreement
  7. Birth Certificate
  8. Shot records
  9. Proof of residency (ex. utility bill)
  10. Proof of income (for Title 1 support only)