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classrooms, offices and hallways

  • Maintain a clutter-free classroom or office. Many accidents are a result of tripping and falling. Clutter in closets and in classrooms is a major cause of these types of accidents.
  • Do not use a swivel chair or a chair on wheels as a ladder. Better yet, ask a custodian to assist you when you need to use a ladder.
  • Do not piggyback extension cords. Fire codes do not allow plugging an extension cord into another extension cord.
  • Do not use frayed or worn out electrical cords of any type.
  • Do not put tables, desks, or other objects on top of electrical cords.
  • Look first when walking between students who are working on the floor.
  • Do not compact trash in a waste basket with your hands or feet.
  • Put heavy files in lower drawers.
  • Open one file drawer at a time.
  • Do not leave drawers open when you are done.
  • Keep a flashlight nearby just in case.
  • Do not block walkways with boxes or other materials.
  • Be sure wet areas are mopped.
  • Do not keep rugs or mats that are frayed or will not lie flat.

Wet, icy, or snowy conditions

  • Wear shoes that provide good footing on slippery surfaces. You can always change shoes once inside. Leather soled shoes do not offer much protection on ice or snow.
  • Walk on cleared and salted paths whenever possible.
  • Allow more time to get to work and your work station.
  • Don’t try to carry a heavy load when walking on slippery surfaces.

AED Locations

You never know when you might need to save a life! We have 63 AEDs in our district. Do you know where the AEDs are located in your building? Find them with the guide below.

AED Locations

Safety Videos

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