Summer Speech & Language Activities

The summer is a great time to relax and enjoy a more calm routine while still focusing on our Speech and Language goals. We have put together a list of resources, activities, and links for you to do with your child to get some great Speech and Language practice in and most importantly, HAVE FUN!

Here are 10 Fun and Easy Activities to make Speech and Language a part of your Summer Routine…

1. Scavenger Hunt

Pick a speech sound or a language theme (beach, summer words, sports, etc) and have your child hunt for items or pictures containing their speech sound or language theme. Invite some friends over and have your child do this with them and you can also work on socialization and working with others!

2. Playground

The playground or park is a great place to work on action words such as (up, over, inside, under). Pack a picnic and have your child help pack the food by following directions and describing the food and drinks you are bringing.

3. Hide and Seek with Flashlights

Give your kiddos some flashlights and have them hunt for items or pictures with their speech sounds. Pick a language theme (camping, swimming) and have your kids find items or pictures with that theme. Kids love to play with flashlights and this is also a great game to do with friends and work on teamwork and playing with others.

4. Book Club

Start a book club with your child. This is a great activity to do with friends. They could create an invitation or email to send to their friends to work on literacy and writing skills. They can go to the library together and pick a book. You can work on themes, speech sounds, answering questions about the book, and socialization. The possibilities are endless! Reading is such a great way to work on speech and language concepts. Having your child pick the book will help them work on choice making and if they pick it, they are more likely to be interested.

5. Library Reading Programs

The Indianapolis Marion County Public Libraries have a wonderful Summer Reading Program. The librarians are very helpful if you need assistance picking out books for your child. You can work on speech sounds or language concepts while reading with your child and having fun. Through the Summer Reading Program, you child can earn points for the books they have read and then they can gain prizes. It is a really fun way to work on Speech and Language. The library is a great place to go when it is too hot outside or on a rainy day! Have fun!

6. In the car

So many of us live in our cars anymore. We are always running from one place to the next. This is a great time to work on Speech and Language! You can ask your child /wh/ questions. You can work on color identification. You can read street signs together. You can work on direction words such as: north, south, right, left. You can sing songs. You can find shapes. All of this can be done while you are on your way to your destination!

7. Grocery Store

We all have to visit the grocery store. You can work on so many Speech and Language concepts while completing this necessary task. Have your child write the list as you tell them what you need (working on auditory comprehension). Have your child highlight food items with their speech sound. Have your child find items on your list and cross them off. Look for shapes in the grocery store. Have your child ask for an item at the meat or bakery counter using good speech sounds. You can work on early learning concepts such as: /big, little, in, out/ as you put your items in the cart! There are so many opportunities for Speech and Language all the while crossing something off your to-do list!

8. Using water

On those really hot days, get outside and use some water. You can have your kiddo use a spray bottle! This is great exercise for those muscles in the hand to help improve handwriting skills. You can talk about temperature words such as: /hot, cold, freezing/. You can get out the sprinkler and have them say words with their speech sounds every time they jump through. If you are swimming you can have your child work on action words such as: /jump, swim, slide/.

9. Lemonade Stand

This is a fun activity to do with your child that is loaded with Speech and Language opportunities. You can have them follow a recipe to make the lemonade which will help with kiddos working on following directions. You can work on money concepts. You can work on speech sounds. You can work on socialization while selling the lemonade. You can work on concepts words such as: /full, empty, more, less/. You can work on problem solving. So many possibilities all the while your child can earn a little money and have fun!

10. Read

No matter what age your child is, reading and literacy is so important. Make free reading time a part of your child’s day this summer. Visit local bookstores and libraries and pick out books together. Read with your child. Model reading to them by picking up that book you have been wanting to read for awhile but just don’t have the time. Read to your child. Just READ, READ, READ!!!

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