Volunteers and Visitors

Volunteers play an essential role in our school district. Their guidance and influence can encourage students’ academic, social and personal success. Their skills and willingness to assist can help principals and teachers tackle some of the items on their long to-do lists. Perry Township Schools promotes an environment of safety, trust, and respect. Under state law, volunteers must wait until their background screening process is complete to begin their volunteer assignment. Perry Township Schools is now utilizing SafeVisitor visitor and volunteer background checks.


All visitors must present a picture ID and scan their ID with the front office staff.  This scan will check the National Sex Offender Registry but a full background check is not necessary. The visitor background check is free of charge.

  • Has lunch with their child
  • Has a meeting with the principal
  • Has a meeting with the teacher
  • Guest speakers are also considered visitors


A visitor is anyone who:

  • Attends a classroom party
  • Assists in a classroom such as tutors/helpers/room parents
  • PTA volunteers
  • Attends a field trip with their students  (for overnight field trips, please see below)

A SafeVisitor volunteer background check is $15.95 and is valid for three years.  These background checks can take three to six days to process, so please plan accordingly.)  The background check is a national screening process that includes a Social Security and address verification and checks the following: National Criminal Database, National Sex Offender Registry, Statewide Criminal, County Criminal, and Federal Criminal Courts.  This background check also includes the Arrest Alert program, which will notify Perry Township of arrests after the initial background check has been approved.

Once your background check is approved, you will receive an email from info@nullsafevisitorsolutions.comwith a badge in PDF form.  You can print it and carry it with you, save it to your phone as a picture, or save the email with the approval and the barcode.

Please use the following link to apply for a general volunteer:

Volunteer Application