Translating and Interpreting Services

Our goal is to remove the language barrier and ensure that all messaging creates language access for families.

Translations are word-for-word written documents.

We have many ready-made PRINTABLE TRANSLATIONS available to be printed and attached to originals that are sent home. If what you need is not available, please send a translation request by clicking HERE.

Need a word or small phrase added to an email, ParentSquare or Canvas message? Check here for simple common phrases that are already translated for you!



Interpreting is the service to have documents or meetings explained verbally.

We have many interpreting opportunities available. All requests can be done by filling out the appropriate form. Click the title or appropriate icon below for the interpreting need you have and complete your request. 

On-site Interpreting
With advance notice, interpreters are available to come to your location for face-to-face interpreting for parent meetings or case conferences.
Telephone Interpreting
Telephone interpreting connects interpreters via telephone who wish to speak to each other but do not share a common language. This could be a 3-way conference call, a call made by the interpreter on behalf of                           someone, or a scheduled 30+ minute call.
Virtual Interpreting
This service uses platforms such as Google Meet or Zoom to provide spoken language interpreting services.
Large Event or Group Interpreting
For large groups with multiple language needs, 2 or more interpeters translate the message in real-time using transmitter and receiver sets.
Video Voice-Over Interpreting
Voice-over interpreting is an audiovisual translation by which narrative scripts are first translated and then recorded by native-language speakers over the original audio track.