Posted on July 11th, 2017 in Featured

Perry Township Schools announces the launch of a new website, streamlining and visually unifying the main website as well as all 22 school websites, teacher blogs and select programs, initiatives and departments. Previously launched in 2011, each website has been designed and developed to be cohesive, responsive and consistent.

“We hope our audience finds that our new websites not only look great, but are also user-friendly and easy to navigate,” says Keesha Hughes, Media Relations for Perry Township Schools. “We wanted to create a positive experience for parents, staff, students or anyone else who’s seeking to learn about our district.”

The new was built using responsive design, so it is accessible and optimized for screens of any size, including smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktop monitors. Other new features include a consistent website design, structure and organization across the schools; a Recent News section; and a teacher spotlight. The websites were built on the WordPress Multisite platform, which allows Perry Township Schools to easily manage and update the websites.

The township hired Jackson Sky to analyze, organize, design and develop the new websites. “Our goal for Perry Township Schools is to provide a consistent experience for all the websites in terms of content organization, functionality and visual design,” says Rhaya Shilts, Jackson Sky Owner and Founder. “Each school can still take pride in their school colors and recognizable icons while remaining cohesive with the other schools in the district. The main website underwent not only a complete redesign, but also a huge overhaul in terms of organizing and condensing the content, so that all audiences (parents, staff, students and members of the community) can find the information they are looking for quickly and easily.”

The second fastest-growing school district in the state, Perry Township Schools serves more than 15,800 students across two early learning academies, four kindergarten academies, 11 elementary schools, two middle schools, two sixth grade academies, two high schools and one alternative learning program.