Posted on January 31st, 2013 in Featured

Congratulations to the following students for receiving “Student of the Month” honors at Southport High School:

Art Department – Natasha Gill, Athletic Department – Cora Rudisill, Business Department – Travis Kirkwood, C-9 – Culinary Arts – Kimberly Rojas, C-9 – Medical Assisting – LaNae Rhone, C-9 – Drafting/CAD – Mal Sanga, English Department – Danielle Sturm, FACS Department – Jamarria Samone Redmond, Foreign Language Department – Jonah Meier, Guidance Office – Evan Leach, Health & PE Department – Johnnie Saddler-Trotter, Main Office – Chelsea Burnett, Math Department – Lauren Kinnee, Math – Algebra Enrichment – Tyler Lewis, Media Center – Elizabeth Peters, Music Department – Jaime Robbins, Science Department – Mang Lian Thang, Social Studies Department – Darren Dixon and Student Services – Garrett Carney