Posted on June 17th, 2014 in Featured, General News

Attention parents of 6th grade students: Indiana state law requires 6th grade students to have two additional shots: One dose of Tdap (immunization that protects against tetanus and pertussis) and one dose of MCV4 (immunization that protects against meningitis).

Please make sure that your child receives these shots before the first day of school and that you submit documentation to his/her school. On August 18th, Perry Township will exclude students who are not current with vaccinations from attending school.

If your child still needs these immunizations, please contact your pediatrician’s office or the Marion County Public Health Department. The health department clinics provide free vaccinations for people who have Medicaid Part A, and charge a flat fee of $10 for those with other types of health insurance. There are walk-in hours and appointment-only hours at the following local Marion County Public Health Department clinics:

• 505 E. National Avenue, (317) 783-2474
• 2532 E. Stop 11 Road, (317) 883-3165