Posted on April 14th, 2016 in Featured, General News

The Perry Township Brave Birds, the unfortunate souls who’ll have to go up against the Harlem Wizards Saturday night at 7 pm in the SHS Fieldhouse, have announced their lineup. Here it is in no certain order or ability. They do have a solid coach and captain. About all we can do is wish them the best and hope no one gets hurt.

Andy Elliott                          Abraham Lincoln Elementary

Sean Gresham                      Burkhart Elementary

Nicole Swisher                      Douglas MacArthur Elementary

Jeremy Dunn                        Homecroft Elementary

Jody Matthews                    Homecroft Elementary

Alex Harrell                          Rosa Parks Elementary

Nathan Helton                     Jeremiah Gray Elementary

Amy Hurt                              Winchester Village Elementary

Arian Bostic                          Winchester Village Elementary

Tim Gray                               Mary Bryan Elementary

Rachel Parker                       Mary Bryan Elementary

Don Manning                       Southport 6th Grade Academy

Kelly Swisher                        Perry 6th Grade Academy

Tim Lovejoy                        James Whitcomb Riley

Emily Lahay                        Perry Meridian Middle School

Ryan Short                           Perry Meridian Middle School

Jimmy Johnes                      Perry Meridian Middle School

Brian Knight                         Southport Middle School

Matt Bush                             Southport Middle School

Stephanie Schott Southport High School

Nicole Knight                        Perry Meridian High School

Jordan Myers                       Perry Meridian High School

Kyle Scaringe                       Perry Meridian High School

Todd Krebs                           RISE Learning Center

JMV                                       1070 The Fan

Coach and Captain: Bob Bohannon and Dr. Tom Little

You can purchase tickets at the door or get them for a discount at the Perry Art Show Thursday and Friday at PMHS. Go BraveBirds!!!

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