Posted on June 16th, 2016 in Featured, General News

Construction crews at the Perry Meridian High School football field site have made steady progress. They continue surveying the site preparing it for proper drainage. They have demoed parts of the tennis court fence, completed storm sewer piping at the west property line to the east side.  They continue clearing various parts of the field and they have started the north stone detention pond system. A lot of piping and stone has been delivered to the site.

Next week they plan to install storm piping for the field storm system, excavate more soil from the field and start boring sanitary and water piping. They will also remove the old storage shed. They also plan to start sock pipe at the baseball outfields, start clearing and storm piping at the long jump event area and confirm synthetic turf delivery dates once all the product data is approved.

Electrial crews will soon begin to install footings for score board equipment. They have already pre-installed meeting points for light poles.

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