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Mr. Griffin’s Government and US History students at Perry Meridian High School pulled off an impressive Town Hall Meeting Thursday October 8th. “Instead of reading from a book, I try to make class interesting by developing different techniques to learn about our government, and during this time of year specifically about our election process”, stated Mr. Griffin.  Students sent hand-written letters inviting several politicians to attend and interact through a question and answer session in the auditorium. The event was covered by two Indianapolis television stations. WRTV 6 News and WTHR Channel 13.

Mr. Griffin says the idea was born out of a Performance Based Learning session. “From this training the students and I developed this PBL thesis: “How do we as students create a voter registration drive so that young citizens become more involved in our government?”

The students became very excited and took over this project of developing the agenda for the Town Hall meeting. Besides the letters to politicians, they obtained the necessary permission from various school authorities to hold the event. They also made 30-second videos to promote the event which aired on the in-school video morning announcements. They have developed a website to assist people with registering to vote. Their goal is to increase the involvement of young people in our government, specifically in getting young people to vote. “My goal is to motivate these students into becoming more engaged in the election process because as special needs kids, they seldom play sports, aren’t really involved in school activities, and are not often recognized”, concluded Griffin. He says it’s obvious the entire process has helped to enhance students self-esteem and help them become more active within their school and community. This is a life skill that can be utilized when they go out into the real world. They were energized and enjoyed wearing their best dresses, suits and ties. Some of the invited guest’s included Indianapolis Mayoral Candidate, Chuck Brewer. Councilman Frank Mascari, Council Candidate, Susie Cordie, Marion County Clerk, Myla Eldridge and Assistant Superintendent Robert Bohannon. Representatives from Mayor Ballard, Congressman Carson, and Sheriff Laytons offices also spoke. The Governor sent a letter and proclamation.

The goal of the class is to help 500 students register to vote by the November 2016 election.

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