Posted on August 26th, 2015 in Featured, General News

Mr. Crawford’s 8th grade Language Arts students at Southport Middle School took part in a baseball draft Monday.  It was designed to help students learn more about the informative writing process. First they had to make and justify “business decisions” in a mock baseball draft by researching team needs and making trades.  Each team had to make multiple draft picks based on information provided to them about position needs and salary caps along with other items.  Students working within each team were not aloud to talk to each other, rather they were required to write short memos back and forth between team members.  This process was designed to help students write informatively based on facts.  Students will apply these skills to larger works in the informative writing process.  You can follow the draft results on twitter by following @Mr_CRWFRD or search for #StudentSupplementaryBaseballDraft.

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