Posted on March 15th, 2016 in Featured, General News
First graders from Mrs. Dorris’ first grade classroom completed famous American reports, paraded as their famous American, and gave presentations to other grade-levels throughout Glenns Valley Elementary School.
Monly Chin (Martha Washington), Virginia Hobson (Pocahontas), Savannah Olinger (Taylor Swift), Gavin Belcher (Michael Jordan), John Bik (George Washington), Margie Robbins (Dove Cameron), Eli Pendleton (Eli Manning), Tristin Cooper (Amelia Earhart), Hunter Morgan (Abraham Lincoln), Destiny Rhule (Amelia Earhart), Nomi Par (Ariana Grande), Sophia Townsend (Mia Hamm), Shwely Moi (Christopher Columbus), Kylee Carpenter (Amelia Earhart), Asher Hunt (Abraham Lincoln), Alan Tello-Xique (Abraham Lincoln), Nikolas Baurerle (Marvin Harrison), Chloe Bowman (Pocahontas).
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