Posted on August 25th, 2015 in Featured, General News

Several students at Perry Meridian High school have shared their green thumbs with the community by becoming a part of the high school’s Environmental Club. This year, the club is joining the race to make the world a better place! With several new members, the club is leaving more bootprints in the mud than ever. Over 40 students gathered to clean up and plant around school grounds this past week. The fresh faces in the sun helped continue efforts to revamp outdoor patio areas. After 8 hrs of work, 6 bags of weeds, 22 plants, 1 dump truck full of rock, 10 6×6 posts, and 2 gallons of weed killer, Perry Meridian’s patio is attracting more people to enjoy the wonders of nature than in any previous years.


Enviro Planting 2015 (1) Planting 2015 (1)