Posted on April 13th, 2015 in Featured, General News

During science, Mrs. Decker’s first grade class at RPE has been learning about soil. They have learned about the components of soil and how soil is formed. They also learned that earthworms are a very important part of how soil is formed. Worms help the soil get the air, water, and nutrients. This helps plants grow.

The class took time during science to investigate worms. They started by observing the worms with magnifying glasses. Then, the students placed a wet paper towel and dry paper towel down and observed which side the earthworm preferred. Next, they used flashlights to see how the earthworms reacted to light. Finally, the students were able to touch and hold the earthworms.

After cleaning up their hands and desks, students enjoyed gummy worms for snack. It was a fun-filled science lesson.